We interviewed Joe Squillace, software development engineer at Amazon Music to learn more about their fast growing music service!

Amazon Music continues to grow as a major force in the streaming space, and they’re in a unique position to take advantage of Amazon’s global ecosystem. Millions of people use Alexa as their personal in-home DJ, and its Twitch integration is expanding the visual element of music listening. More options for listeners mean new ways for artists to grow their audience. …

Odds are that if you’re a songwriter, artist or musician of any kind, you’ve at one point asked yourself the question: “How would I write a hit pop song?” Would you make an up-tempo feel-good dance track, or go for a somber yet powerful ballad? Would you keep it short and sweet at two and a half minutes, or would you try to break the mold by incorporating spoken word and live instrumentation?

Songwriters of years past would have to rely on things like ‘music theory’ and ‘inspiration’ to craft a hit song, but no longer are we beholden to…

Cameron Pollart

Drummer, analyst, all around music nerd

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